Nanling National Forest Park is located in the northern part of Guangdong Province, Ruyuan County, Yangshan County, Lechang County and Hunan Province Yizhang County, two counties at the junction of four counties, in the south of the south slope of the mountain area, north and Hunan Mangshan country Level forest park adjacent to the west even the county Dadongshan Nature Reserve, the south of the Tianjing Forest Farm and the milk source of the South Lake Reservoir, East milk source must back Yaozhai. The total area of the park is 273 square kilometers.

Nanling from Shaoguan City, 89 km away from the Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed "Bridge. Nanling Park" exports 10 km. From Guangzhou to drive all the way to the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway 285 km.

Here is a vast area, unique climate. The formation of the four seasons of the flow of the United States: spring cuckoo smile, bird mountain stream; summer shade cover Japan, the stream of long streams; autumn mountains and plains, red leaves gorgeous; winter rime ice, reminding us of scenes Northland scenery!

There is clean air and water. Where the negative ion content is the most in Guangdong, especially the waterfall group of negative ion content of 50,000 / cubic centimeter, "flying waterfall" to 170,000 / cubic centimeter, is a natural oxygen bar; Nanling water is low Mineral water, was weakly alkaline, water molecules small,Beneficial to the body to absorb minerals, adjust the body acid and alkali balance.

Here is the treasure trove of Guangdong species. Nanling Mountains meandering, retaining the most complete in Guangdong Province, the largest piece of the original forest, with the most complete natural ecosystem, is the natural ecological protection barrier in Guangdong. There are more than 2,000 kinds of plants and more than 200 kinds of wild animals living here, belonging to the national one or two protected animals and animals as many as 82 species, is the last habitat of South China tiger, therefore, Nanling enjoy "Guangdong species treasure" reputation The

There are three major peaks in Guangdong. Guangdong peak - stone pit Kong, 1902 meters above sea level, "Guangdong roof," said, is to do "Guangdong Supreme" the best place. Peak weather unpredictable, sometimes blue skies, sometimes clouds around, overlooking the mountains, the state of mind open; second peak, the third peak is also located here.

Nanling fresh air, landscape vegetation, birds and beasts, composed of a continuation of the life of the ecosystem, is close to your natural, leisure, wash the best place to health.

Small Huangshan scenic area


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Small Huangshan 1600 meters above sea level, the peak for the milk peak, here to retain the world's largest piece of "Guangdong pine" virgin forest, beauty is not inferior to Huangshan. Board milk peak, in the virgin forest through, through the sea of clouds, climbed the peak, suddenly see the light.

Winter can see the unique southern ice hanging, rime landscape. Guangdong Song is the most peculiar, pine color with the four seasons change, spring and summer Cui Huang vigorous, winter a piece of pink blue, named blue pine.

In the small Huangshan entrance viewing platform, there is a famous "welcoming pine". Throughout the year, it stood on the peak wall to stretch the hospitable arms, smiling guests.

The main attractions: Guangdong welcoming pine, even the pine forest, clouds, peak Buddha light, milk peak.

Travel Tips:

  1. Full 3500 meters, tour time about 2.5 hours;
  2. Dengyu rabbit peak overlooking the first peak of Lingnan, the second peak;
  3. Rufeng scenic toilet is located in the next parking lot, no toilet along the way;
  4. Rufeng scenic area without service points, need to bring their own dry food and water.

Waterfall area

——South China's largest natural waterfall group, Guangdong, the highest content of negative ions


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Waterfall group is South China's largest natural waterfall group, the number of waterfalls, scale and elevation are Guangdong a must. Waterfall originated in Guangdong's second peak fortune ridge (1888 meters above sea level), in the fall of nearly 500 meters deep river valleys in the ups and down, the formation of nearly a hundred waterfalls, one of the most famous is the eight waterfalls; Whirling, mountain flowers blooming, more cynomolgus monkeys, squirrels and colored birds to survive one of the fish, constitute a waterfall a scene, vibrant landscape promenade.

Nanling everywhere see the waterfall, always smell waterfall sound. Regardless of the number, size or altitude, are all of Guangdong and are naturally formed, people marvel of the magic of the good fortune. Which is a peacock waterfall for the Nanling a must, it is like a beautiful peacock, charming proud of the noble head, dragging a long screen flowers, proud of the tourists to show off the beautiful posture.

Waterfall group from top to bottom there are eight waterfalls: 1000 meters waterfall, peacock waterfall, flying waterfall, shocking waterfall, tiger's mouth waterfall, pure heart waterfall, rhyme waterfall, Shuangfei waterfall

Travel Tips:

  1. The whole 2200 meters, tour time about 1.5 hours;
  2. March to October full of rain, waterfall magnificent, is to enjoy the golden time of the waterfall;
  3. Entrance "Jiushan Mountain" is autumn autumn leaves, overlooking the best of the mountains;
  4. Scenic area water cold lake deep, for your safety, do not swim;
  5. Milk Peak Waterfall Scenic Area Washing room located in the lower exit of the parking lot, no toilet along the way;
  6. Scenic areas without service points, need to bring their own dry food and water.

Hydrophilic valley area


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Hydra Valley to "Youxia, Bitan, Kistler" is known. Scenic cliffs standing, quiet and far-reaching, birds and streams, especially in spring and summer, wild flowers full of valleys, butterflies dancing, known as "Valentine Valley".
Where the preservation of the most typical potholes, as Nanling a great wonders.

Note: Pot hole topography is a jet in the jet with sand and gravel erosion caused by the circular bed of a landform, due to the rapid flow associated with the eddy current, gravel will dig diamond bed, river fault, lithology or water Of the bottom of the erosion in the water under the action, often forming a deep pit, pit wall smooth as a mirror, the shape of the wells, geomorphology called "pot hole."

The main attractions: fly Lake, Pearl Lake, nine Qu Tan, Green Pine Lake, through the quiet gorge, fairy lake, Wolong Gorge.

Travel Tips:

  1. The whole 3300 meters, tour time about 2 hours;
  2. All year round tour season, spring and summer sound of water and thunder, magnificent momentum, autumn and winter water Qing Shan You, snow covered with branches;
  3. Scenic area water cold lake deep, for your safety, do not swim;
  4. Lingnan River Scenic Area in the lower exit of the parking lot, no toilet along the way;
  5. Scenic areas without service points, need to bring their own dry food and water.

Stone pit Kong area


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Shikeng Kong Kong 1902 meters above sea level, known as the "Guangdong roof." Mountain towering into the clouds, the scenery fantastic, Air Force radar station site to bring people to the history of unlimited reverie.

Peak scenery, four different. Spring and summer sunset sunset sunset the most beautiful season, many photographers wind and sleep, only to capture that moment of wonders; winter frozen thousands of miles, silver loaded, a school of magnificent " Northland scenery ", become a great land on the land of Guangdong.

The main point: Jinchan Mo Moon, Air Force radar station site, sea of clouds, sunrise.

Travel Tips:

  1. From the Nanling National Forest Park, drive to the first peak of Lingnan area about 1.5 hours, the car can be directly to the top of the hill, after the residential parking, 20 minutes walk to reach the peak;
  2. Mountain weather is changing, it is recommended to carry rain gear and clothes;
  3. Scenic areas without service points and other reception facilities, need to bring their own dry food and water;
  4. Scenic spots are currently preserved in the original style, the tour process, please pay attention to safety and environmental protection.

Visitor Information

Welcome to Nanling National Forest Park / Nanling National Nature Reserve! For your trip, please note the following:

  1. Without the permission of the relevant state departments, please do not picking, hunting, sampling and other activities;
  2. The park is open daily from 8: 00-18: 00. During this time period, visitors should not stay in the park without a license from the park.
  3. Forbidden all wild fire;
  4. Scenic road narrow bend more, for your safety, scenic area speed should not exceed 20 km / h;
  5. For your safety, please remember when walking, "walking is not viewing, viewing does not walk";
  6. Please pay attention to the various warning signs in the park, according to the prompts to act; mountain water cold, do not swim in the scenic pool; travel road narrow odd, please pay attention to safety, care for good children and the elderly;
  7. Mountain water cold, deep lake, do not swim in the scenic pool;
  8. Scenic areas are located near the parking lot, no toilet along the way;
  9. Park tickets sold, can not be returned; please keep the ticket stubs for inspection;
  10. Cherish resources, protect the environment.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

If you need help, please call the following number:

Alarm call:110、0751—5232016(Sunny police station)

support hotline:0751—5232032、0751—5232038