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  • 白云天宾馆
  • 白云天园林宾馆
       According to the five-star standard investment in the construction of tourism and leisure resort garden hotel, elegant style, comfortable and luxurious, the Chinese restaurant can accommodate more than 800 people, well-designed 200 rooms warm and pleasant, can enjoy the natural Hushan scenery, showing different Honorable. The hotel has a full-featured multi-functional conference center, and has a high-level business audio-visual system, is held all kinds of exhibitions, business team meetings and all kinds of evening preferred. And received the national leaders and 56 representatives of the National Games, and the establishment of a good market reputation.
       address:Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County of the town of Riverside East Road
  • 方圆民族温矿泉酒店
  • 丽宫国际温泉酒店 

           There are more than 500 luxurious and elegant landscape rooms, elegant headquarter building and dozens of spa villas; conference center equipped with simultaneous interpretation system, with a capacity of 600 people can accommodate a large conference room focus, small dedicated conference room 12 The banquet center can accommodate nearly 1,000 people dining banquet hall and all kinds of flavor hall 6, VIP rooms 15 and lakeside flavor midnight gallery; Li Gong International Club set foot massage, sparrow chess, fitness beauty, SPA Spa, luxury nightclub, internet cafes, table tennis room, snooker room, tennis court, video hall, exhibition and newsstand, etc., to meet the needs of all kinds of tourism and business meetings.

      address:China 's Guangdong Province, Shaoguan City, Ruyuan County Ruyuan Town Hou Gongdu Qinggang

      ADD:Hougongdu,Ruyuan County,Guangdong,P.R.China.



  • 茗华居商务酒店
  • 笑傲山庄
  • 乳源小岛饭店
  • 星之光商务酒店
  • 云锦山庄