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  • 莽山国家森林公园
    Mangshan is located in Yizhang County, Hunan Province, China. The total area is 20,000 hectares. The east, west and south are adjacent to the milk source, Lianzhou and Yangshan of Guangdong Province. The territory of mountain Qi, Shuixiu, Lin You, strange stone, Qifeng Pinnacle, streams aspect, the forest coverage rate of 99.6%, each cubic centimeter anion content of up to 106900, is the best natural oxygen bar. It is the hills of Huashan, the majestic Mount Tai, Xishuangbanna magic, Zhangjiajie handsome in one, is the harmony between man and nature of the classic, "Mangshan magnificent shaking, the original ecological first mountain" is its most real and vivid The portrayal! Has been the development of General Village, Tiantai Mountain, monkey Wangzhai, Mengqi stone four scenic spots and deep mountains surfing the Pearl River source drift, the ancient Yao style performances and other programs, is the tour at home and abroad tourists, summer leisure, climbing adventure and scientific expedition ideal destination!
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  • 乳源大峡谷
        Guangdong Ruyuan Grand Canyon is the world's unique plots subsided rift, known as the "Guangdong's most beautiful canyon," Guangdong best Zijia You scenic area, "" Guangdong's most popular foreigners of the top ten scenic spots One "," the mother of the canyon "," the mother of the earth "reputation, is the expedition, adventure, leisure, vacation tourism resort.
    Canyon up to 15 km, more than 300 meters deep valley, Taniguchi at the magnificent Tam Falls, up to more than 200 meters. Valley in many magical landscape, to maintain a good original ecology, mysterious sultry……
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  •     Tianjing Mountain Fairy Mountain Scenic Area is located in Guangdong Province, Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County of Luoyang Town, 38 kilometers from the county, Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed Ruyuan County exports can be direct access to Guangdong Ruyuan Grand Canyon must pass through, the transportation is very convenient. Scenic mountains, water, cave, immortal bridge in one, ecological primitive, peculiar landscape. Antique tourist center, blue sky rafting Yama Lake, magnificent fairy bridge, and for the creek bridge set up on the cliff cliff like a ladder. "Xijing Road" site, "Peak Temple" Dojo, let you more copies of the "legacy and independent, feather and Deng Xian" feeling.
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  •     Guangdong Tianjing Mountain National Forest Park is known as the "South China Summer Palace", "Northern Guangdong Natural Park" reputation, to the original forest, mountain dwarf forest, the Chinese wonders - brocade rhododendron, stone geomorphology and streams of waterfalls and other natural landscape resources It is a national forest park integrating ecology leisure, health resort, adventure seeking science, scientific research and popular science education.

         Park with its excellent natural environment and charming natural scenery, by the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau included in the "leisure 4 hours within the best tourist routes", the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Tourism Bureau as a "youth science education base", is "Guangdong Province forest ecological tourism demonstration base".
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  • 必背瑶寨

       Will be back, the original called "turtle back", tour will be back Yaozhai, you can enjoy the charming scenery of the mountains, watch the cheerful singing and dancing Yao, enjoy the ancient folk customs, taste the unique flavor of Yao food.
       Will be dyed Yaozhai built on the mountain, bark room, bamboo room, Diaojiaolan unique. Yao cell wear their own embroidery color pattern clothing, men and women can sing and dance, to folk songs love love. Their hospitality, with the sweet Yao Shan tea, fragrant bamboo meal and homemade Yao home water wine hospitality.
       Yao's long drum dance, copper drums happy and affectionate, Yao's singing and dancing colorful tour, Yao's embroidery beautiful and unique, mysterious millennium Yaozhai is fascinating!
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  • 云门寺

       Yunmenshan big view of the temple known as "Cloud Gate Temple", is one of the five Buddhist Zen Buddhism, "Cloud Gate" of the birthplace. Founded in the Five Dynasties after the Tang (AD 923), by the cloud door ancestor Huineng seven disciples Wen Yan Zen master built, is the national key monastery.
       Yunmen Temple not only with its solemn temple received the majority of people who won the unanimous praise, but also to its daily life has won the praise of the believers at home and abroad. Temple building solemn, majestic, statues lifelike, elegant environment, clean, rich Buddhist atmosphere. Yunmen Temple is a monastery that is cultivated by itself, and is a Zen Buddhist temple.
        Cloud Gate Temple Hill is the famous Guihua Tan scenic area, waterfalls Zhixie. Summer and autumn, full of valleys fragrance fragrance.
       Throughout the year, Chinese and foreign tourists come after another. Yushi "cloud door birthday" water and land will be spent, the sea of people, far from overseas men and women will come to look.
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  •     Southern Taxus Forest Park area of 10190 hectares, is the only one to the southern yew for the theme of the forest park. Park core area about yew 3 million trees, of which more than 100 years old has more than 1000 trees, one of the most spectacular is the "King of Taxus", aged about 2000 years, tree diameter of more than 5 meters, lush throughout the year, Is the oldest yew growing in southern China.
        Taxus is the world's rare frequency of plants, there are "plant giant panda," said, is a national level to protect plants. Is a fourth century glacier legacy of ancient trees, has 250,000 years of history, known as the kingdom of plants in the "living fossil."
       Enjoy the ice and snow beauty do not have to go away, here is the only tour in Guangdong snow rime resort. Every year from December to March the following year, often can enjoy the eye makeup wrapped, ice and shiny silver north of the scenery.
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        address:Guangdong Ruyuan Township Zhang Village
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  • 通天箩

       It is located in the northeast of Nanling National Forest Park, 14 km2 from the protected area. The sky is the limestone "karst landform", where the limestone cave and the funnel cave is particularly large, within a radius of 10 km, there are 15 large caves.
     Babel is the largest one of the 15 caves, deep more than 90 meters, the hole diameter of 91 meters, the bottom of the largest diameter of more than 140 meters, known as "the first hole in China." The bottom of about 3500 square meters of the original forest plant community, is a rare "underground forest." Holes in the hole through the bottom of the underground river, it is particularly mysterious, so the sky is also the world's crown to "world wonders."
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      address:Guangdong Ruyuan Town Daping Village
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  • 西京古道 

     Xijing Road, has a long history of two thousand years, is a Lingnan region connected to the Central Plains of the ancient "highway." According to the "Later Han" records, the Eastern Han Dynasty Jianwu two years (AD 26 years), Guiyang County guard Shiba chiseled from the East German milk to the Hunan Yizhang then ride Tianling Road and direct access to Kyoto Changan (now Xi'an ) Of the "official road", the whole more than 500 years, more than 160 kilometers of milk source territory.
      Xijing Road is still intact to have a bridge town of Tianyunling and Monkey Ridge section. Retained in the clouds cascade, bluestone board, pavilion, post, arch bridge and other sites, especially the "trail westerly thin horse", "Changting, the trail side, grass Bi days" mood road.
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      address:Guangdong Ruyuan Town
      traffic:Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed bridge exports about 15 minutes by car
  • 云门峡
      Yunmenxia drifting scenic area is located in the world town of mountains and rivers in Guangdong Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, located in the birthplace of the Cloud Gate Zen, "Nong Zen and repair" is known as the Cloud Gate Temple Buddhist Cultural and Ecological Reserve northwest, from Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao High-speed milk source exports only 8 minutes by car, from the Wuhan-Guangzhou Shaoguan station about 20 minutes by car. Scenic spots and Cloud Gate Dajue Temple are closely adjacent, covers an area of about 800,000 square meters, forest vegetation coverage rate as high as 89.3%, scenic spots Qifeng everywhere, ancient trees, fresh air, mountain flowers, rich flora and fauna, full year forest In the water gurgling, the average temperature of about 19 degrees, is tourism, sightseeing, rafting, adventure, leisure, blessing the ideal place.
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      address:Guangdong Province, Shaoguan City Ruyuan Yao County Milk Town Yunmen Gorge Scenic Area
  • 南水湖
      South Lake shape was strip, along the northeast to the southwest, meandering up to 20 km, the reservoir area of nearly 6 million mu of water, water up to 1.3 billion cubic meters, the third largest freshwater lake in Guangdong.
     Nanshui Lake lakes and mountains, beautiful. Water quality crystal clear, along the Castle Peak, Guangdong Province is a water source protection area.
      There are 12 islands in the lake, such as 12 pieces of jade inlaid in the South Lake, travel during the pleasant, refreshing.
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      address:Guangdong Ruyuan Dongping town
      traffic:Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed milk exports about 10 minutes by car